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Property Dinner 

I trust you're all eagerly anticipating this evening's event!


I'm equally excited and aim to join you from London later in the evening. Please watch my video message for more details.

Rest assured, my team will be on hand to ensure your experience is exceptional.


A few names for you:

  • Sophia will represent Director Club, the Private Members' Club I established in 2020 in Badbury, Swindon, catering to creatives and business owners.

  • Mark will be representing Sandstorm Films, the film company I founded in 2000 in Soho, London, later relocating it to Wiltshire.

  • Keith Fryer, our event facilitator tonight, will share more about himself during the event, including how our paths crossed.

  • Arthur, a valued member of Director Club, shares my ambition and innovative vision for positive change. Our team eagerly anticipates the projects he's planning in Old Town, Swindon.

Our guest list boasts an intriguing mix of individuals.

Hope to see you there!

Believing in Swindon's potential for transformation,

Tom Ward

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